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    Parsing Trap Text For Alerting


      I get the following trap and this is what ${Message} is in the email.

      03/08/2011 08:20 : ARROWPOINT-SVCEXT-MIB:apSvcTransitionTrap SNMP Trap
      Received Time:3/8/2011 8:20:32 AM
      Variable Bindings
      sysUpTime:= 2 days 13 hours 35 minutes 55.25 seconds (22175525)
      snmpTrapOID:= ARROWPOINT-SVCEXT-MIB:apSvcTransitionTrap (
      apSvcTrapEventText:= Service Transition - Service:test State:suspended


      What I want is the "apSvcTrapEventText" line with just "Service:test State:suspended" in the email.  How do I format the email text to get it?

      I tried ${apSvcTrapEventText}  but that came through as "apSvcTrapEventText" in the email.