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    Firefox 4.0b12 support in 10.1.2?


      NPM 10.1.1 looked fine with the latest version of Firefox (4.0b12) and now 10.1.2 is all messed up.  It looks normal in IE, but most people I know try and stay away from IE and I know my fellow engineers tomorrow are going to give me flack for upgrading to NPM 10.1.2 now. :)

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          For detecting mobile devices we are using WURFL technology, and actually the latest NPM does not contain new definition
          for Firefox v4 (because we don´t want to support beta version and because it´s problematic to support it).

          But we have small workarround which solve you and yours customer problem:


          1.Just open page


          (via click on button "use this browser's user agent")

          2.copy whole format of user agent from detected field

          3. Add to users web_browsers_patch.xml in drive_letter\Inetpub\Solarwinds\bin directory code mentioned bellow with replaced browser agent and replaced name for his browser and version

          <device user_agent="detected_browser_agent" fall_back="browser_name" id="browser_name_version_number">
          <group id="product_info"><capability name="model_name" value="version_number" />

           4.restart IIS

          For example for Firefox v4 RC1:


          <device user_agent="Mozilla/5.0 (rv:2.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/4.0" fall_back="firefox" id="firefox_4_0">
          <group id="product_info">
          <capability name="model_name" value="4.0" />

          According these steps you can "support" some none-supported browser like Fenec or Maxthon,etc(just if you want to optimize it for mobile preview).