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    Custom MIB pollers


      I have a custom MIB file from Citrix/netscaler . Where and how do I compile it in Orion?

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          Orion has a single MIB database file that is maintained by SolarWinds.  If you have MIB's that are not already included you need to send it to SolarWinds and they will add it to the file and publish an updated version.

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            adding your MIBs to the SolarWinds MIB Database does not automatically ensure
            that Orion can all available data from your monitored devices, adding MIBs to
            the MIB database will help you if you are using Universal Device Pollers or
            traps to monitor your network, as indicated in the following sections.

             Note: After submitting
            your MIBs to the SolarWinds MIB Database, you must download and install the
            new, updated MIB database to gain the benefits of your added MIBs.

            Device Poller

            you do not immediately know the OID that you want to poll, you can use the
            Universal Device Poller application to browse the MIB tree to find the data you
            want to poll. If you already know the MIB and/or OID for the data you want to
            poll, you do not need to add the corresponding MIBs to the SolarWinds database.
            Of course, adding your MIBs may be of assistance to another SolarWinds user in
            the future.

            following resources provide more information about Universal Device Pollers:



            your Orion server receives a trap from a monitored device, and the relevant MIB
            for the trap does not exist in the installed SolarWinds MIB Database, Orion may
            not display the correct data. Providing the relevant MIBs for your devices will
            resolve this issue, once the updated MIB database is installed.

            the MIB Database does not help if a Vendor is "Unknown"

            the MIB database will not help the case where a monitored device displays its
            Vendor as "Unknown". Devices that display with "Unknown"
            vendors do not have a SysObjectID corresponding to the device vendor in the
            Orion database.

            correct an "Unknown" vendor condition:

            1. Click Start > All Programs >
                   SolarWinds Orion > Network Performance Monitor > System

            2. In the node tree in the left pane, right-click the
                   device that is displaying with an "Unknown" vendor, and then
                   click Node Details.

            3. Scroll down in the listed node details, and then make
                   note of SysObjectID.

            4. Provide the SysObjectID, the device model, and the
                   correct Vendor in a MIB addition request to support@solarwinds.com.

            you have provided this information, SolarWinds Development will likely add the
            device into an upcoming Orion release.

            Note: After this update, Orion will not necessarily be able to poll your
            device for any additional information. In this case, adding a MIB is a cosmetic