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    Ignore multiple textblocks

      Hello all,

      I have some trouble with the Ignore Text option in Report.Compare.Two files. We need to compare a bunch of huge Cisco Cat6500 configs with a lot of bgp / mpls.  I have tried the following syntax:

      {Current configuration}-{ip classless}|{ip flow-export source Loopback0}-{no ip http server}|{snmp-server community}-{end}

      but the report hasn't changed. The config has more then 1000 lines and without the ignore feature working there are always 300+ changes.

      Since I have the cattools v.3.6.0 running as freeware for evaluation, are there any restrictions for the comparison feature? 

      Thanks in advance & best regards





      PS: No device in database, clean install with manual pointed files in job/activity config for testing