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    NPM 10.1 - DB size estimation given Nbr of elements



      Win 2008 R2 (64-bit) - NPM 10.1.1 Only, Separate SQL Server 2008 64-bit.

      Discovered around 800 Devices and 3100 elements. No Volumes

      ICMP (PING) Polling = Default = 2min.  SNMP Statistics = 15 min (Default 10 mn). Data Retention kept as default values.

      New installation (10 days back) and SQL DB Admin complaining about 145 GB Data already, What about in 1 year time !

      I would appreciate if you could share with me some figures similar to mine,  so I can figure out whether my cusrrent (10 days only) DB size is normal and it allows me to predict DB size in the future.

      Nodes Nbr ?  Elements Nbr? Status & Statistics Poll intervals ? DB Size ? Sincewhen?

      Thank you

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          I'm on 2k3 and sql 2005. Orion NPM 10.1.1 sp1, APM 3.5, and just added NTA 3.7.

          My retention time is close to default. NPM polling is 2min/10min. Also have 5 min polling for APM.

          Over 4 polling servers I have about 20,000 NPM elements, and though I don't know where I can see the exact count, about 3000-4000 APM elements. We've been running NPM for years so plenty of historical data.

          Database (mdf) is about 13 GB. Database log (ldf) gets up to about 60GB. So yeah, at 10 days and only 3000 elements I think you can assume there's something wrong if your database is almost 150GB.

          I had an issue about 2 years ago when there were a few machines that started sending out of control traps to my Orion server, and the traps and trapvarbinds tables exploded and nearly brought our whole Orion system down. At that time our database went from like 4 GB mdf and 15GB ldf to being over 100GB in just a few days. So I'd say look at the size of each table in your Orion database and see which ones are causing problems. May lead to to root issue.