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    Network Performance Monitor - Custom Fields Drop Down


      I don't know if this has come up before, but we use one of the custom fields defined for nodes to describe the "role" of the device in our environment.  We have several standard types: WAN Router, Core Switch, Workgroup Switch, Voice Gateway, WAN Accelerator, Server, etc.  I'd love to be able to make people (when entering a new node) to select one of these pre-defined values as opposed to having it free form.

      Same thing applies for a few other fields as well.  We use two for PrimaryAlert ("To" Field in Alert Emails) and SecondaryAlert ("CC" Field in Alert Emails).  I have defined a set of distribution lists that should be used when sending alerts, but people just can put whatever they want.

      Last comment on Custom Fields: A set of "default" entries would be great as well so that we don't have to run back-end SQL queries to populate some of this information (we do this only occassionally when we see a large discrepency).

      BTW, Solarwinds Development Team - Major MAJOR UBER Kudos on the Dependency/Contrainers/Group stuff!  It's awesome and has helped us tremendously in root cause analysis and (more so) in automated alert suppression!

      SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.0

      • APM 4.0.1
      • IPAM 2.0
      • IPSLAMGR 3.5.1
      • NCM 6.1
      • NPM 10.1.2
      • IVIM 1.1.0

      5162 Network Elements, 737 Nodes, 3192 Interfaces, 1233 Volumes