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    Content Sharing with Hyper9

      Easy as pie, a piece of cake, ...  Or any other food reference conveying an incredibly easy task.  Sharing custom content in Hyper9 is that easy.  Although the types of customizable content in Hyper9 are extensive the sharing process can be completed in 2 easy steps.  

      Exporting Content:

      The content section of the Hyper9 product allows you to navigate and organize existing content, both out-of-the-box and custom content.  Simply highlight the content you would like to export and use the export option in the upper right.  This will save the exported content in XML format.  Now that is easy!


      Importing Content:

      Importing content is just as easy.  In the content section of Hyper9 there is an "Import Content..." button in the lower right.  Click on the button and navigate to upload the Hyper9 XML content file.  The new content will be added to your environment.  Even easier!




      What Types of Content Can I Export / Import?  

      You can export Alert definitions, custom queries, reports and Trends to name a few.  You can even export entire Dashboards and all of the content they contain.  

      Give it a try!  We will start posting content to this community and encourage others to do the same.