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    Job Scheduller stopping


      My Job scheduller is stopping. I try restarting , but it stops again.

      What is the Job Scheduller function ?

      I'm using NPM v10,  SP1


        • Re: Job Scheduller stopping

          um, it is important.  I am not exactly sure how important, but I don't thing will work right without it.

          I suggest trying a repair on the "SolarWinds Orion Core Services" and "SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor" from "Add/Remove"/"Programs and Features" and re-running the config wizard.

          What version are you on? 10.1.2? If not, (*edit* it helps when you read) upgrade to that too.  If all that fails, open a ticket.

          oh, also, how much free space do you have?  at least some in DB drive(s), os drive, and iis drive.  is sql allowing DB to expand?

          I am just throwing out generic solutions nothing specific to your reported issue