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    BackUp Profiler Installation


      I downloaded the Profiler Server and Profiler Agent to Evaluate BackUp Profiler.  I installed Server on server A, then installed the Agent on my Symantec NetBackup Enterprise (6.5.4) Master server.  When I run the server profiler application on Server A (random domain I server I chose) try to configure Symantec NetBackup there is an option to enter the server IP address of the agent I want to monitor.  I would guess that I enter the IP address of my master server but the box already contains the host name of server A and it will not let me replace that information.  SO I thought the profiler server and agent need to be installed on the same server but that did not work.  What am I missing here?  I loked at the eval and admin PDF's and I have not found a resolution yet.  Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank You.

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          mark wiggans


          Complete the following procedure to configure your Symantec Backup Exec.  

          1. To begin configuring your Symantec Backup Exec sub-agent: On the New Resource page, 

          provide the appropriate values for the following fields:  

          o Server IP Address: Select the agent you want to monitor  

          o Resource Display Name: Type a descriptive name for the Symantec Backup Exec 

          resource (ex: BEXEC NY)  

          o Timezone: Select the timezone of the Backup Server  

          o Backup Start Window: Select the Backup start time  

          o Backup Window End: Select the Backup end time  

          o Active: Do not clear this check box, doing so will stop information collection  

          o Resource Groups: Optional - if you have configured groups, you can add this 

          resource to them by clicking the group name  

          o Licensing: Check this box if you want to assign a license to this device  

          o Location: Type the location  

          o Comment: Type the comment  

          2. Click Next> to continue to the next configuration screen.  

          3. Provide the appropriate information about the backup agent you want to monitor. If you 

          are unsure about a value, do not change the value from the default.  

          o Monitor Backup Server : Select On 

          o Level of the Log : Select Info 

          o Install Dir : Type the install directory of Backup Exec (the default on Windows is 

          "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec"). Modify the path if it is not correct.  

          o Backup Exec log Directory : Type the log directory of Backup Exec (the default 

          on windows is "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\NT\Data"  

          o Version of Backup Exec : Select the Backup Exec version from the drop-down 


          o Prefix of the Backup Exec Logs : Type the prefix of the Backup Exec logs.  

          o Job DateTime Format : Type the job date/time format as present in Backup Exec 

          job logs. 

          The job time can be got by searching for "Job started" line if Backup Exec is on 

          Windows or "Backup operation started" on Netware.



          more details on page 49.


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            I think I got it figured out.

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              Thanks for the reply.  It was user error (mE).  When I installed the agent on the master server I was not paying attention and I entered the wrong IP address.  I put the IP address of the master server instead of the IP address of where I had installed the Profile Server application.  I edited the agent XML file to point to the correct IP address and now Profiler is colleting data.