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    Better way to migrate and update actual infrastructure


      actually I have two server: a NPM (9.1 SP5) pointing to an SQL 2005 server (without Service Pack).

      I want to update to the last version of NPM. I have the opportunity to migrate the infrastructure on new hardware.

      What is the best way to accomplish this objective?

      Can I just copy the db on a new SQL server (2008 R2), then install a fresh NPM (10.1) on a separate server?

      My concern is about possible table structure changes on new version of NPM, that could corrupt the db.


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          I think it's going to take you a few steps no matter how you do it.  According to the release notes, you're going to have to upgrade to v10.0 before you can upgrade to 10.1.  Although it's a bit of a pain, I would think the best way to go would be to upgrade your current server to 10.0 and then to 10.1.  Once you've done the upgrades, copy the database to the new SQL server, rerun the config wizard to point Orion to the new database server and verify everything is working correctly.  Finally, install 10.1 on your new server and point it to the new SQL server. 

          If it were me, that's how I'd do it.

          Hope this helps!

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              I'm planning for a very similar infrastructure upgrade. So I'm glad this topic came up.

              I think kweise has a pretty solid method laid out. But there is one thing I plan to do differently. I want the existing servers to continue working, on there current version, for a bit, while I get the new servers up and running and upgraded.

              So my plan is to copy the DB to the new DB server. Install my current version of Orion(9.5.1) and modules on the new Orion app server. So at that point, I will basically have 2 exactly mirrored installs of Orion.

              Now, on the new infrastructure, I will upgrade to 10.0, then to 10.1. Test that everything is working for a few days, make sure all custom pages work etc.

              This way, the existing infrastructure is still churning along, just like normal until I get the new stuff all squared away. I dont want to have to upgrade my existing servers, as I dont think they can handle the load and SQL diskspace required by V10.x.

              Thoughts or suggestions?

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                  Thanks for your answers.

                  I agree with you, jcooler. Just I suppose that in your situation you can install as first step NPM 10.1, without passing for your actual version (9.5.1) first.

                  Anyway I'm not sure that old version of NPM, necessary to do the step-by-step upgrade, are supported on new operating system.

                  In my situation, I would like to have new servers running Windows 2008 R2 on 64 bit machines, with a lot (more than 4 GB) of RAM :-).

                  Just I'm not sure that, for example, I can run 9.5 NPM installer in this environment, because I don't find old NPM version requirement in the solarwinds site!

                  Can anyone address me?

                  My actual NPM version is 9.1, then upgrade path is 9.5 -> 10 -> 10.1.

                  Thanks again.