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    Huawei device backup



      I am trying to use Huawei.general device type to backup my Huawei firewall e200. Login went fine and cattools can display the running config but it never see the end of running config. This is the debug output :


      <R-11:44:50 AM>[13][10]HRP_M<VASFW>


      WFMDRetVal=1 Waiting for: "---- More ----"

      WFMDRetVal=2 Waiting for: "------ More (Press CTRL_C to break) ------"

      WFMDRetVal=3 Waiting for: "% Unrecognized command found at"

      WFMDRetVal=4 Waiting for: "% Incomplete command found at"

      WFMDRetVal=5 Waiting for: "  Incorrect command"

      WFMDRetVal=6 Waiting for: "[Y/N]"

      WFMDRetVal=18 Waiting for: "<HRP_M<VASFW>"

      WFMDRetVal=19 Waiting for: "<HRP_M<VASFW>"

      WFMDRetVal=20 Waiting for: "[HRP_M<VASFW]"

      WFMDBuffer="                                          #[13][10] ssh user admin authentication-type password[13][10]#[13][10]user-interface con 0[13][10]user-interface aux 0[13][10]user-interface vty 0 4[13][10] authentication-mode aaa[13][10] set authentication password simple tango123[13][10]#[13][10]return[13][10]hrp_m<vasfw>"


      <W-11:45:21 AM>[13]<R-11:45:21 AM>[13][10]HRP_M<VASFW>



      We can see that is is waiting for <HRP_M<VASFW> whereas the prompt is HRP_M<VASFW>

      Is there a way to correct the current script instead of building a new one for this device ?