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    Orion IPAM 2.0 is now available



      Orion IPAM 2.0 is now available to existing IPAM customers in their customer portal.

      Features of this version

      • Standalone (doesn’t require NPM)
        • If you run IPAM on the same server as NPM, you must be on NPM 10.1.2 to install IPAM 2.0
      • Support for managing your IPv6 address space
      • Better handling of duplicate subnets (duplicate subnets disabled by default for new installs, for upgrades duplicate subnets will still be allowed)
        • If you have overlapping DHCP scopes, the status will be merged instead of duplicated.
      • Historical tracking for addresses
        • Available by selecting an address and clicking View Details
        • Default data retention of 365 days (configurable in IPAM Settings)
      • UI and search tweaks