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    Basic Fail Over Engine question.- Starting services

      I have a basic question that I have run into while installing the FoE.  Hopefully this is simple for some of the experts.

      My question is about failing over the engine from Primary to Secondary and back in the WAN scenario:

       It does not matter If I  manually click to make the secondary server Active, OR if I pull the network cables from the back of my primary/active server, my secondary never starts the applications. It does see the break in the connection after 60 seconds on the graphical interface, but I must be missing a setting somewhere to tell him to take over after he sees the primary go down and turn on things like the Network Performance Monitor, Netflow, Websites....etc.  It seems after he is established as "active" I have to go in and manually start all my stuff via the Orion Service Manager.   Additionally, each time I try the fail over I get that Yellow triangle with the exclamation sign in the middle of it (warning sign) and upon further examination of it, I get a message that tells me there was a Timeout in starting Applications. 

      Any ideas on what I might be missing here?