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    How many dependencies must I set up?


      I've read quite a few posts and blogs on groups and dependencies, and I still have one question regarding basic design.

      Lets say I have a simple topology such as:

      NPM--> RouterA--> SwitchA--> SwitchB--> SwitchC--> and so on and so on...

      Is it enough for me to define Router A or a WAN interface on Router A as the parent of a group containing the three switches (and beyond), or must I configure multiple nested P-C relationships in order to be able to conduct root cause analysis correctly?

      In other words, do I really need to create:

      NPM--> RouterA (P1)-->SwitchA (C1)

      SwitchA (P2)--> SwitchB (C2)

      SwitchB (P3)--> SwitchC (C3)