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    Finding VMs with Memory or CPU Limits


      One of the questions that come up fairly often is "how do I find VMs that have a CPU and/or a memory limit applied?"

      It's not uncommon for a template to be created that happens to have a memory or CPU limit on it that then gets applied to a bunch of VMs that are created from that template.

      So if you want to find all of the VMs with a memory limit applied, use the following query:

      vm.name:* -vm.memshare.limit:"-1"

      Similarly, for finding VMs with a CPU limit applied, try the following:

      vm.name:* -vm.cpushare.limit:"-1"

      These queries simply search for all VMs whose limit is not set to the default (no limit) value of "-1".

      And like any other Virtualization Manager search, you can use either of these queries as the basis for an alert or a trend in the system, so that you can get alerted proactively if a VM has a limit applied or to track the number of VMs with limits over time respectively.