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    Neverfail Software any one try?




      Is anyone try that neverfail on SQL 2008 64bit


      Is it less complex and expensive then SQL cluster?

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          Hello sja,

          Yes, Neverfail is a good alternative to Windows Server Failover Clustering.  It's easy use and it ends up being less expensive because you don't need to invest in shared storage and Enterprise-level licenses for SQL and the OS.  Neverfail also brings in functionality that clustering alone does not, such as built-in replication and application-level monitoring and recovery.  If you're familiar with SolarWind's Orion Failover Engine then you might be interested to know that it is an OEM version of the Neverfail product.  (In fact, if this SQL database is supporting Orion NPM then Neverfail sells a version specific to this solution.)  Neverfail is also nice in that the same solution can protect any Windows-based application without the need for clustering... keeping things simple is an IT admin's friend.  Hope that helps!

          -Josh M