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    SNMP MIBs and OIDs

      Hi there, I'm pretty new with Orion and so far like the product.  I've created some custom universal device pollers and they work.  My question is, on the Cisco website I can download the full MIB and OIDs.  Is there a way that I can load them up in Orion and then browse all the MIBs rather than having to search the MIBs via the cisco website and find the correct OID then add it in Orion?   I was hoping to download and load up the full MIB/OIDs for Cisco Call manager and then just select the ones I want to manage or add as a univeral custom poller.  Or is there a different tool I can use to load the full MIBs/OIDs so that it's easier for me to browse and find what data I'm looking for?

      Thanks in advance.

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          The MIBs Files that Vendors have is only the information on their MIBs are the OID, the name and Description, and some automatic options such as Enumeration, IP_Address and whether it would be polled via Get, Get Next, or Get Table. The MIB Database that is shipped with all of our Products already include the Most Common Vendors as well as User Submitted MIBs from lesser known Vendors.


          The best way to see what your device responds to, you can use our Toolset and perform a MIB Walk. Here is a link to our Engineer's Toolset

          Once Installed go into Start> Programs> Solarwinds Engineer's Toolset> Classic Tools> SNMP Tools> MIB Walk, then enter in the IP Address and Community string, have it set to Standard and press Walk. You will then get a Full list of MIB Name, OIDs and Values returned for your Devices.


          We also have User Submitted Custom Pollers here: Universal Device Pollers