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    partial IP -> DNS name resolution

      I'm currently trying out the 14-day trial of Switch Port Mapper and I'm running into incomplete name / ip resolution issues. 

      How is SPM doing the DNS lookup? 
      Does it only query the servers primary DNS, or does it walk the list?

      Does it check to make sure the mac or ip are available before lookup?

      I see instances of failed lookup's that are either;

      ip no longer pingable, still in arp & dns, but SPM not resolving

      ip is pingable, still in arp & dns, but SPM not resolving


      I thought perhaps our HSRP/GLBP dual router envrionment was a problem, but i'm seeing this in single router environments as well.

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          SPM uses System.Net.DNS.BeginGetHostEntry to return the host entries for a given IP Address or device name. We walk the list and ignore entries that are not IPv4 or IPv6 entries. We use the first IPv4 entry returned. If no IPv4 entry is returned we use the first IPv6 entry. If there are no IPv4 or IPv6 entries the resolution fails and an error message is provided.