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    Server spec question



      How well does orion handle quad core cpu's?

      we are running version

      Engine Version 2010.1.0 - SolarWinds Orion Core Services 2010.1.0 SP1

      and according to the spec guide I've been reading it states that I need dual core 3GHz CPU's but would quad core Intel Xeon E5506, 2.13GHz do the job or doesn't the 4 core bit help that much?

      We are running SLX and NCM but with only the following nodes (and 200 NCM backups)

      Elements 2045
      Network Node Elements 262
      Interface Elements 1653
      Volume Elements 130

      However they have asked me to add an aditional 600 nodes to the database with around 3 Interfaces per node so I want to put a new server in and migrate to it before I add this many new devices.

      Thanks for any help,