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    Report via SNMP Proxy

      We have just installed a SONET Ring that due to NERC CIP concerns we are not going to assign IP addresses to the nodes - we do have a PC connected via serial port to a node in the ring.  The PC will act as an SNMP Proxy and will send traps to our existing Orion server 9.5 box.  We have recently submitted the vendor supplied MIB to Solarwinds and it is now included in the database so we actually get much more meaningful traps now.  

      Now we want to have a few reports - possibly scheduled that can look through the SNMP traps and give us something to present to management for uptime / service affecting / non-service affecting alerts.

      Is this something we can do with 9.5 / 10.1?

      Is there anything that you would recommend  for this?