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    Interface Utilization in Group Details


      Hello gang!

      I have a new group I've created for a couple of WAN interfaces on a new circuit we are monitoring.  So it is a group of two interfaces.

      I've created a new view based on the Group Details view, and have been trying to find a way to show interface utilization statistics, but can only seem to get that information when I use a new view based on the Node Details view.  And when I created a new view based on Node Details, and created a view limitation on my new group, it didn't work and told me that the objects were of the right type.  I'm guessing this is because I'm trying to see Node Details on a Group...even though the view should work on the interfaces within the group.

      Okay, I'll admit that the above even confuses me.  Basically, I'd like a way to see the utilization information for those two interfaces together in one place.  I'm not sure that doing this from a group view is the best way to go, but I'd really like to create some way for the executives and our team to get specific information about this circuit. 

      Anyone have any ideas?  At this point...I'm convinced I'm trying to do something outside of the capabilities of the tool, and am willing to dig into some code, but be warned I'm a novice at SQL queries and the like.

      Thanks in advance to you all!