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    Request the ability to add metrics to links/interfaces on maps

    Jay Cummings

      I have several customers that would really like the ability to add color capability to links (or alternatively interfaces) based on percent utilization (or other metrics of interest to them).

      Today a link (or an interface) will change color on a map based on UP/DOWN status.  This is good, but not great proactive monitoring--especially for WAN traffic.

      The idea is to have the ability on the NOC's map to change the color of the link from green to yellow if bandwidth utilization is greaterthan or equal to 70% and then change it to red if bandwidth utilization is greater than or equal to 90% (the numbers should be configurable).  This way, it would be easier to tell if there is some type of saturation issue going on.

      The work around today is to use the Top XX Interfaces by Traffic or Interfaces with High Percent Usage resources in addition to the map.  Yes, this is good, but again, it isn't great.  Being able to get a bit more functionality out of the map would be great.


      Also having the ability to add two data fields together for a total bandwidth would be really helpful as well and then only looking initially at the agregated bandwidth rather than both IN/OUT and mentally adding them.