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    Using Profiler with Emc Celerra resource


      I have a question about adding an Emc Celerra resource.

      We only use CIFS with this Celerra.

      I have been able to add the Celerra resource in our lab environment and want to know what calls Profiler is making to my Celerra to gather it's information?

      When I add the new resource it wants a Control Station name and root authentication. (SNMP is disabled on my ControlStation)

      I then add a unc path to a data mover file system and the EMC resource shows up and looks like it's working.

      We just want to know what is Profiler using to gather it's info ? SNMP is disabled on the CS but enabled on the data mover. So are we certain it's using SNMP off the data mover ? or is there other ways then SNMP that profile gathers info from Celerra?

      Thanks, I can't put this in production until we have this answer.