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    F5 Pool Table - Status, Name, port, Is this All?


      Thanks to folks here on Thwack, I was able to build the table below in NPM. Thanks much for your help.

      However, I am a little disappointed that this appears to be all that we can do with the F5 BigIP devices.  Yes, I've been able to pull charts and graphs here and there, but the OID information gathered cannot be pulled into a chart/graph as comprehensive as this table below. I also spent many hours trying to get a better gather of an F5 OID that will give me the best load-balancer status. To put it in other words, I'd like to know what options we have as far as being able to monitor the internal F5 load-balancer monitors directly. So, in an ideal situation, we have F5 monitoring the VIP, and the load-balanced devices and Solar Winds NPM/APM  would be monitoring the F5 for any issues with the LB'ed sites.

      Has anyone done this already?

      I also want to note that I have not been able to get the memory usage gauge working correctly either. I've tried all of the suggested UNDP combinations, including transform combinations which result in dead or incorrect gauges. I've done tons of reading here on Thwack to no avail. I appreciate comments.


      Mike Bain

      Serve Enterprise.