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    IPAM 2.0 RC available on customer portal


      The IPAM 2.0 is now available to all existing IPAM customers with active maintenance. Simply log into your customer portal and you will see the new version. As we have changed to a major version, you will need to upgrade your license from v1 to v2. You should see this upgrade in your customer portal.

      The new features in IPAM 2.0 include:

      • Standalone (doesn’t require NPM)
      • Historical tracking for addresses
      • Support for managing your IPv6 address space
      • Better handling of duplicate subnets (duplicate subnets disabled by default for new installs, if you have overlapping DHCP scopes, the status will be merged instead of duplicated)
      • UI and search tweaks







      *If you want to run IPAM and NPM on the same server, NPM will need to be on version 10.1.2 or higher. 10.1.2 is currently in RC as well and should be available via the customer portal.