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    What I think I know about Orion alerts now


      Now that I have worked with groups and dependencies for a bit, I think I know the following about basic/advanced alerts in Orion NPM:

      1. Properly configured groups and dependencies allow you to use a Basic alert for node or interface up/down status - unless you need to include filtering based on custom properties, in which case an Advanced alert is still the only option.

      2. Other alerts are typically best built with the Advanced engine due to the features that are offered and the degree of control available to the user.

      Am I essentially correct? Is this what most users are doing?

      Thanks for any responses.

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          From what I understand, basic alerts are still available only for backward compatibility. Every new alert should be done through advanced alerts.  If you have anything in basic alerts, you should figure out how to convert them to advanced alerts or start getting info on how to do it that.  If you can't do them with advanced alerts, start making waves now so that those features are added to advanced alerts before they get rid of basic alerts (I think that is Solarwinds intention).