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    polling interval


      Hi All,

      There is a slow performance issue in our network and I have set "Collect Statistics Every" interval for that node to 1min but the system still collects every 5mins.

      (Node management ->Edit propertiy->Collect Statistics Every = 1)

      Could anyone help please? thanks


      tao lao

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          If the Job Engine is overloaded due to SQL Performance, it may take as much as 10 minutes for the change to take effect.


          To manually make the change in SQL, you will need to execute the following SQL Query:



          Update Nodes Set StatCollection=9



          You will need to run the above in SQL Studio Manager or in our Database Manager


          For SQL Studio Manager:

          1. Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server >      SQL Server Management Studio
          2. Using sa credentials, log in      to your SQL Server\Instance
          1. If you have forgotten your SQL Server\Instance see the      Note at the Bottom
          1. Click plus sign in the database, and right click      NetPerfMon, and click New Query, paste the query and apply execute, it      will let you know by say (x rows affected)


          For our Database Manager:

          1. Start> Programs> Solarwinds Orion> Advanced      Features> Database Manager
          2. Click New Server
          3. Enter in your SQL      Server\Instance and the Account information
          4. If you have forgotten your      SQL Server\Instance see the Note at the Bottom
          5. Expand out the NetPerfMon      Database.
          6. Right Click on any Table and      select Query Table
          7. Clear out the “Select Top      1000 * from (Table)” and enter in the Query information and select Refresh
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              Hi Sean,

              thank you very much for your quick reply

              it has been 30mins but it is still polling at 5 mins interval.

              I have set that interval on 3 routers. The last one was set 20 mins after the first 2 but have updated. The first 2 is still on 5min interval.

              ( I dont have access to the server, so can do it manually). is there any other trick?