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    Interface Polling stopped. Could not remap interface -- message


      NPM 10.1.1 sp1

      After upgrading to 10.1.1 I am getting hundreds of these messages from my long-time installed Cisco routers. I did see something about an snmp-server ifindex persist setting which I know isn't in our routers. Truthfully, I don't know if I was getting these events in NPM 9.5 but I suspect not. What can I do to fix this? I've got 70 routers running in my network.

      Thanks Much

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          Hi rmmagow--

          Yep, this changed with NPM 10.0. Check out the info below for more info:

          This is due to the interface index value changing in the router/switch. One thing that can cause this is a reload of the device. Orion monitor interfaces by this value and if it changes, and will no longer receive SNMP information about the interface resulting in an unknown value.

          The snmp-server ifindex persist setting means enabling the snpm ifindex on the device.

          This may also apply:

          This is a change we recently put in for 10.0. What has happened is that your interface has changed both ifDescription and ifIndex. Hence, when we go to try and remap the interface on the rediscovery interval we don't find a match in the database. If an interface changes both its index and name, we consider this a new or different interface. This new event is to tell you of this situation and have you take action.

          Most likely your interface has gone into the Unknown status as we no longer are gathering statistics and status for it.

          The quick work around is to remove the Unknown interface and add in the newly named/indexed interface. But with that you lose your history. To keep your history you have to be a little more brave and update the database directly.

          Steps for this:

          1. Stop NetPerfMon service.
          2. Check the interface index and interface description match:
          3. SELECT InterfaceID, NodeID, InterfaceName, InterfaceIndex FROM Interfaces WHERE NodeID =
            • Walk the IF MIB on the device using the SNMP MIB Browser.
            • Compare the ifIndex with the InterfaceIndex in the table. Compare the ifDescription with the InterfaceName in the database. Both should be an exact match.
          4. Update your Interfaces table with the actual values.
          5. Restart your standard poller (NetPerfMon Service).
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            Can this event be disabled?  I don't see a default event in the Advanced Alerts dialog.  With a large core router, this can create thousands of events during a network reconfig.