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    Orion NPM/APM vs Argent


      Yes, I did see a brief post regarding this but the answers were inconclusive. I've got a SLX level license for the SolarWinds products. I'm trying to see if Orion can be used to replace Argent. now Argent does some pretty good things like restarting failed tasks, reporting on disk space etc. No, I'm not an Argent expert and actually only know of it because I work near our server team folks. Has anyone gotten NPM/APM to perform the same functions as can be done by Argent or am I comparing apples to oranges?

      Orion 10.1.1, APM - Current, 2 pollers, SQL 2005 on a seperate cluster.

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          I am not familiar with argent but why dont you just list what is currently being done with argent and we can tell you if you can do that with NPM/APM...

          it is easy to make apm restart a monitored service for example or with NPM it is easy to report/alert on disk usage... "small but rare tasks" which would not be included in APM can usually be done with a custom vbscript (current APM version has a buggy powershell implementation but I dont know when it will be usable, maybe next or the release after the next one?)