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    Orion Network Performance Monitor - associating advanced alerts with interfaces?


      I'm baffled.  I can only imagine I'm overlooking something very basic here but haven't been able to configure what I want to after several hours.

      We are running the latest version of Solarwinds on our network.  We currently receive 'high transmit percent utilisation' alerts on a particular interface.  As we don't want to recieve alerts from this interface I want to turn them off.

      Within Orion Network Performance Monitor I have opened the drop down menu 'Alerts' from the windows style menu running from the top left of the page (just above the 'save, print, view' buttons).  The drop down menu provides the option of opening either of the following configuration windows:

      - configure basic alerts

      - configure advanced alerts

      from within 'configure alerts' i can double click to open the 'High transmit Percent Utilisation' window, then go to the 'Monitored Network Objects' tab.  From within this tab i can tick a box for any interfaces that I want to apply this alert to.

      Up to here I'm fine with.  The problem is with advanced alerts as follows.

      When selecting the 'configure advanced alerts' option from the main 'Alerts' drop down menu (just above the 'save, print, view' buttons), then again selecting the 'High Transmit Percent Utilisation' for editing from within the 'Edit Advanced Alert' window, this doesn't provide a 'Monitored Network Objects' tab where interfaces you would like to apply the rule to can be selected.

      The Advanced rule is already there (High Transmit Percent Utilisation), I just need to know how to associate/disassociate the rule to an interface!

      please help!! this is driving me crazy ;o)