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      Does anyone know what eSpeech is? One of my users is connecting to my Exchange 2007 server and the 'application' is eSpeech. Thanks.

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          App     Router     Interface     IngressBytes     EgressBytes     Bytes         IngressPackets     EgressPackets
          eSpeech RTP Protocol (8417)     62.9 Mbytes     61.4 Mbytes     124.3 Mbytes     51.619 K     45.783 K

          Endpoint Router Interface     Ingress        Egress            Ingress        Egress
                          Bytes        Bytes            Packets        Packets
          chi-srv-exch.lbmst.local     63.2 Mbytes     61.6 Mbytes          51.577 K     45.815 K
          sea-sales-04.lbmst.local     62.6 Mbytes     61.4 Mbytes          49.421 K     44.704K

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              Hi Jason--

              It appears from its website that E-Speech is a name pronunciation software, among other things. 

              What are trying to do so I can get you an answer.


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                  Hi Marie,

                  Thanks for responding. I am just trying to figure out why one of my Sales people is connecting to my Exchange Server and downloading hundreds of Mbs using something called eSpeech. I would like to disable it. I don't see anything called eSpeech or E-Speech on my Exchange Server.