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    Slow and huge database


      Hello there,

      I am a long time Solarwinds fan, and a 3 year old customer of Solarwinds NPM and NTA. We mainly use our Solarwinds installation for Netflow interpreting, and we have around 30 routers exporting netflow from their LAN side interface to our collector.

      Now to the problem. First of all, I find general queries to be slow. Doing historical searches beyond a couple of hours often take over half a minute to display properly and the general user experience is SLOW. Graphs takes long to generate, and pages takes long to load. I am pretty sure that this is not a MsSQL Server issue, as its a production cluster with other high-performance databases running on it just fine.  The database itself is also huge, and varies between 25 and 35GB before and after its nightly maintenance. Isn't this ridiciously huge?

      My main suspicions would be:

      1) An overbloated or very fragmented database with lots of unused/outdated data files
      2) Missing indexes?

      Is there any page that suggests best Orion practices when it comes to database maintenance both on the software itself and the MsSQL Database Server? Or does anyone have the same problem? My main problem is that I'm not really into maintaining databases server side or client side, so any tips would be appreciated.

      Running: SolarWinds Orion Core 2010.1.0, NPM 10.0.0, NTA 3.7 w/Hotfix 1

      Thanks in advance for any help :-)