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    NPM glitch

      I dont know if this has been posted here before but I seem to be having an issue with NPM. I have some devices that are reflecting a status of down and they are up. I can ping the devices from the command prompt however solarwinds is still indicating 100% packet loss. If I were to delete the device and re-add it it works fine. But I can't keep doing that and this makes me question the integrity of the appliation.

      comments please.

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          we haven't experienced this particular issue but many similar ones (packet loss and response time switched and therefore confusing everyone checking this, connection to database lost and no sign of this in the webinterface except if you check last database sync or last poll. in apm we also had several cases where polling just stops but no warnings are shown or down notifications caused by orion while the application isn't down, etc.), we are full of hope that solarwinds will get a grip on these bugs.

          I would suggest to open a case to check where the root cause of your problem lies.