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    Office Drill down View via map national and state map


      Good morning, is there anyway to the following dynamically

      We have about 300 offices in each office we have a Router,  Switch, Server and nas. What i would like to do is Create some kind of dynamic view to Display each item per Location. so from the main site i can click a State (Map, Node or view) on the National map and have it display the offices in that state and from there the status of the Router, Switch, Server, Nas all in one view and alow futher drill down to device specs.

      Currently i am creating a State map then droping the router on each city, and that gives me the router view.

      Is there anyway to do this Dynamically using custom properties or some form of dynamic grouping?

      We are running Orion NPM SLX 10.1

      Any ideas welcome