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    You can't unmanage groups?


      Are you serious?


      Why would you even consider putting this in without that functionality?

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          easy... a new feature on the feature list, more potential buyers, increases stock value ;-)

          for small things like this, users can create feature requests.



          I bet you anything that there is a short timeframe dev has to finish new features, they will have a short RC-test (which sounds more like alpha testing to me) and then release the features as a final version to customers (while it's barely beta).

          As many have said before, existing features should be fixed first and new features tested better.


          as a workaround you could probably unmanage every single component/node within that group...

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              Hi Donald and Questionario--

              I hear your frustrations. I will get this to the PM to review.


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                  Hi Marie,


                  thanks, my frustration isn't about this issue though, its a general frustration mixed with a bit of capitulation.

                  We have had some issues for a very long time, some are being fixed and we are always being referred to new versions ("this should be addressed in the next version" which it sometimes is and sometimes is not). I am always working with dev but APM still hasn't left test-phase yet as it just isn't usable for us the way it has been since we purchased it about 1,5years ago.

                  I would guess that Craig is aware of this and he and his team are sure trying their best... development has been going very quickly, new features never stop coming... but the same applies to bugs...

                  I can also understand management though, whatever gives the best business results... just wish new features would receive more development and some bugs would receive a higher priority (though I must say that the handle leak issue we had was fixed pretty quickly)

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                    Just want to second this thread. I thought this had been added already, since it is nearly impossible to keep an unmanage job up to date with our ongoing addition and removal of devices, but apparently not. Dynamic group integration is essential. 'Would love to see even a beta of this before our next monthly maintenance window in March :).

                    Awesomeness lives here...

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                  Have you seen my post about this, don't you find this frustrating as well? Or am I the only one?

                  Group & Dependencies - need a slight tweak