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    Can I exclude certain traffic from the NTA reporting?

      Recently I installed a new Juniper core L3 switch in our datacenter that supports sFlow. I was never able to get visibility into the network with our old switches as they had no traffic flow information available.

      Now that I'm getting information out of the switch, I'd like to be able to filter out some SAN replication traffic that's "skewing" all my reports. All of the top talkers, top conversations, graphs, etc.. are being overrun with SAN replication traffic. I'd like to be able to basically say - "Ignore all traffic to and from these four IP addresses."  The SAN replication VLAN comes across the same trunk as a few of my other VLANs that I'd like visibility into, so when I monitor that physical port I'm seeing everything.

      I've unselected iSCSI traffic for monitoring, but now my reports just show a large amount of unmonitored traffic.

      Is what I'm trying to do even possible?