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    NPM Install on a server with multiple interfaces


      My first install of NPM 10.1 w/SQL 2005 Express went well...see diagram below.  I could download updates from the internet and access the NPM web interface.

      After the eval I purchased another server for running the SQL database (as the recommended config).  I created a separate connection for the database traffic (10.x).  I can ping the database interface from the NPM server but when I run the Orion Config Wizard on the NPM server it cannot find the new database on the other server.

      Can you bind SQL and NPM to a specific interface for the database traffic?  Has anyone tried this configuration successfully?  If so, how did you do it?

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          I don't think there is a way to specifically chose the interface you are binding to for Orion.

          SQL can be bound to a specific port.  On SQL server open command prompt and run -> netstat -ano | find "1433" <- (assuming you have SQL running on standard ports)  Make sure the IP address is right or is (means any).

          Are you using the server name or IP to connect to DB?  if domain name, open a cmd prompt and ping the DB server, did it resolve to the right IP, if not add "x.x.x.x   servername" to your c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts of the orion server and try the ping again.

          next, lets make sure we can bind to that port, either use telnet or putty to connect from the orion server to the IP -> telnet x.x.x.x 1433 <- if the screen is just blank, cool, if it whines about not being able to connect, then check the SQL server, maybe the firewall is on.

          Orion uses what ever path windows uses to monitor the device, use tracert hostname, and that's how orion will get to each device, if you want that to change, you will need to change the windows routing table, but be careful things can get really weird when you don't make sure the transmit and return paths are the same.