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    UNDP Confusion - SNMPGetTypes Missing from UNDP Software


      I am trying to get the best solution for viewing F5 Poller details on the Node details screen (currently still researching, maybe a post for another day).

      What I am confused about is why the UNDP Advanced Settings do not show all available SNMP Get Types?

      For example, I imported the Big IP Current Connections UNDP file (available here on Thwack).  I noted in this UNDP file, among others, this:  SNMPGetType="GetSubTree"

      After I import the file, activate it, and assign it to Nodes, I checked the Advanced Options and I note that the SNMP Get Type field does NOT list GetSubTree.  I note that only, GET/GET NEXT/GET TABLE are available.  If these are the only type available, what does the SNMPGetType, GetSubTree translate to? Does it even make sense to have this coded in the UNDP files?

      Doesn't this cause an issue with UNDP's that are created with GetSubTree? 

      On another note, how do I add/remove groups from the Identified Pollers section?