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    Multipule IP's per device


      I remember someone starting a topic about this some time back, but I have yet to find the topic again. 

      Since we have quite a few devices that have multiple IP's, how do we handle this with Orion, and more specifically, how does the NTA module handle it?

      For example, my core/backbone router has about 250 different IP's - ranging from serial connections to vlan interfaces.  I am seeing alot of events in my NTA module that states I need to "Add this node", but the base (management) ip of the device is already in the system. 

      I am wondering if Orion has any way to "link" or determine that the interface reporting to NTA is actually a interface of a device that is already defined.

      Or - perhaps (and this isnt that hard to get to) I just dont know how to configure/use the tool?