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    Group & Dependencies - need a slight tweak


      Maybe I am not seeing the solution, I have have looked, so I'll post my issue here.

      I just installed Orion NPM 10.1 as a demo to see if it would be worth the investment to get back into maintenance. We identified many flaws\bugs with the application and decided to investigate other options. With all the positive postings about 10.1, we thought we would give it a look. Some of the flaws\bugs seem to be fixed, but now I see a new one.

      I created 2 groups. As you can see, there is an issue on each server. Let say a critical application is down. Why would Orion then show me that Email System and Monitoring Server groups are OK.

      If I hover over Email System I am told everything is OK. Even "Items with Problems" says all items are up.

      But as you can see, everything is not OK. There is an issue with SQL on my server and as such, my Email System is down.

      So why has Orion only decided to show if a system is UP/Down on the Group? Does it not think that the applications are just as important.

      This also holds true for Dependencies. I have an issue with my monitoring server, but again, it shows green.

      I had some hopes for these 2 features, as they were highly liked in another product we reviewed. And creating these views for different teams and management seemed like a good idea, until I saw it was wrong.