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    Add tags field to all elements


      I would like to see you add a "Tags" type field (or custom property type) for all elements (node, volume, interface, application, component, etc), that can be searched/sorted just like any standard tags everywhere else on the internet (like tagging Thwack posts), or like the tags field in the APM templates you can display a template under Exchange and Popular at the same time. In this way you can group devices or resources in many different ways with just one field. For example, I currently have a node custom property for "Application" which I use to specify what application a server hosts. I then use that to filter views, filter alerts, etc. As plenty of servers have multiple applications hosted on them I currently have to choose just one. So with a tags field or tags type custom property I could do something like "Server123 - Applications: DHCP; Print Server; File Server". I would then be able to create a view showing all nodes with tags for DHCP servers, and another view showing all print servers, and be able to see Server123 in multiple views using just one tag field. I would like the tags to be editable on the specific element page, and an account setting to allow editing tags, so serveradminX could add/remove tags from his server directly from the node page, but joeblowuserY can't change any tags. The tags fields could then also be used as things like dynamic conditions in group configs, like group "construction project XYZ" could dynamically add any resource with tag field project contains "XYZ". This field should be usable throughout Orion, so I can filter a node tree by it, or use it as a view filter, or an account restriction, etc.

      One of the places I struggle with currently is organizing and presenting information to end users in a meaningful way in Orion. I think tags would greatly increase my ability to do this better.