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    Undefined status for VMWare Datacenter


      We're on Core 2010.2.0, NPM 10.1, APM 3.5 and IVIM 1.0.0. ESX servers are mostly on 4.1.0

      The VCenter, Datacenter and Cluster status is sometimes marked as Unknown/Undefined. It seems that when I select the VCenter server and test the existing credentials again it gets the VCenter server and Clusters into the green state again but the Datacenter status remains as grey and Unknown. I get the number of Clusters, ESX Hosts and Running VMs displayed when I hover the mouse over the Cluster but when I display  the Datacentre Details View the Datacenter status shows as Unknown.

      Am I doing something wrong here? I'm not sure I have ever seen the Datacenter status as anything other than in this grey state since I first got the VCenter access thing going. Why do the VCenter servers appear to lose authentication periodically?