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    Network Atlas


      *Orion 10.1.1*

      Part 1:

      I need to be able to use atlas to map various elements of the network. I have found various issues with this functionality.

      1. Cannot print the map created - large map need to print to a3/2/plotter or pdf any size

      2. If you display a map in orion web console view it is not resizable - require to be able to zoom in/out and pan left/right as at the moment its static and unreadable

      3. Need to be able to print from web console as above at present can onl print as a image which is not usuable - or be able to have a guest atlas login for users to access maps 'read-only' to print or pdf them.

      4. If would be useful to once a device/ node/ interface has been added to a map to be able to view its integrations on atlas via the node/interface on the web console using right-click mouse. You rick-click a node it show all maps this parent node is embedded in, if you do the same on an interface it show you which maps its embedded on and maybe the parent maps also.

      5. Starting to use groups in atlas, would be nice for it to know the child objects in each group and be able to offer you connectnow options between the group (i.e. child members) so you can either keep them all or remove unwanted. This is a let down with having to manually map groups when it has taken weeks to setup and create dynamic queries for them all and the underlying topology is there and usuable.

      6. Need to be able to anchor various objects on a map. For instance mapping devices from a hub or resilient switch. Need to always anchor nodes A and B in the centre of the map - but use the handy AutoArrange functionality for all the other myriad of devices.

      7. When you use the autoarrange, connectnow features need to be able to select the object you wish to apply that setting to - at the moment it just applies it to the entire map whether you have selected a few objects are not.

      8. it would be an idea to have an option of the variables you can assign to an element/ node/ interface - it always brings in the interface caption and name for the label.  But need to be able to default it so it brings the interface name and line speed, or InUtilization% / OutUtilization% or any variables you can assign should be selectable from a list. This would make the maps very useable for almost anything.

      Part 2 soon, if this is the incorrect place to post please let me know.