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    Moving the Orion NCM Integration Component


      I'm reviewing the Orion NPM Migration document and I'm a little confused on the section pertaining to Moving the Orion NCM Integration Component.  Previous sections of the document refer to exporting from the original server and importing to a new server, however this section says to import into an additional web console.  Could someone please clarify?

      I'm looking at moving my Orion installation from a 2003 server to a 2008 server.  Do I need to run these procedures?  Thanks!


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          Hi Robert,

          Follow the steps in "Migrating Orion Network Configuration Manager" in the Orion Network Configuration Administrator Guide. Post back to let me know if you encountered any obstacle.



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              I found in then NCM Administrator Guide additional items that I'll need to move but I didn't see anthing about the Orion NCM integration component.  Please advise when it is necessary to use the procedures in the Orion NPM Migration Technical Reference and please clarify more in the document so it's clear.  Thanks!


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              Just to make sure; what products do you have and are migrating/upgrading?

              I upgraded mine from Server 2003 x86 to Server 2008 R2 (x64) and have NPM, APM, and NCM.  I shut down my old server (actually just un-plugged it from the network).  Backed up the DB (Just in case).  Turned on my 2008 R2 server and gave it the same IP and Host name and joined the domain.  Installed the application and pointed to the remote DB server I had.  (I needed the SQL user password).  Everything was up and running.

              I understand if you change IP or hostname then there are other things to worry about, but it's really easy if you don't change them.

              Depending on if you are migrating or just doing a bit more of a rip and replace, it changes things, I would suggest the way I did it with a rip and replace kind of attitude, but that's just my 2 cents.

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                  Thanks for your reply.  I'm migrating NPM, NCM, APM, IPSLA, Netflow and Toolset over to our DR site.  We have a completely different IP and Hostname at our DR site.

                  I'm going to look at FoE but for now I'm doing it manually so I wanted to make sure that I got everything covered.  I'm going to look in the other Admin guides to make sure I'm not missing something for them too.  I just assumed that since SolarWinds included the APM module in the Orion NPM Migration Tech Reference that they would have included the other modules as well.

                  I guess not but perhaps SolarWinds can do something about it by updating the Orion NPM Migration Technical reference with the info for the other modules or at least make a note of where to look for the information if your migrating other modules.

                  Your method though seems to work great and we'll probably use that when our new hardware upgrades arrive.  Thanks!