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    Is there a view template that contains a table with node name cpu and memory utilisation

      Hi guys,

      I'm new to this Solarwinds stuff so please forgive the newb-ness of the post.


      I'm looking to create a view in Orion that can be displayed on a large screen for people to look at quickly and easily to see status. The view that I am looking for would be a 3 column webpage with each column containing a table (or multiple tables) that contain a list of node names, the cpu usage for that node and the memory utilisation for that node. So for example column 1 would have a list of my Citrix servers by name with CPU and memory utilisation bars beside the node name for each server. Column 2 might have my Exchange and SQL servers etc. Column 3 might have my web servers and file servers. Is there anything already in the product that can do this or a downloadable template?