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    Feature request for Orion NPM


      We really appreciate the efforts by the Orion developers in this new version of Orion NPM (10.1.1).  One of the things we like a lot is the ability to setup dynamic groups and dependencies in Orion web console.  We think this will make our jobs much easier, even if there is quite a bit of additional effort required for now.

      However, we would like to see for the dynamic groups to be enhanced a bit. For example:

      • Lock down of groups:  It is too easy to accidentally (or our of spite) for someone to remove groups from Orion web console.  Yes, we get prompted to click OK to remove these.  However, we would prefer for the ability to place a lock on those devices, so that it would be harder to remove these. 
      • Export of groups to CSV format:  I guess that we could possibly devise a report that will give us the dynamic and static groups that we've created, along with any sub-groups, and sub-sub groups.  However, it would be even better if there was an export link (available to Orion admins only), so that the groups and sub-groups could be exported to CSV.
      • Import groups from CSV format:  This would be very, very nice, as this could help us re-apply a previously saved list of groups and sub-groups back to Orion NPM.  This would save a great deal of time, especially for those of us that are trying to make the best of this very nice feature of groups.  This is also a nice business-continuity feature, since it would allow us to quickly re-apply a list of groups and sub-groups in case a major deletion of the groups happened (whether intentionally or by accident).
      • Change of parent group and child-groups:  Creating parents and child groups is fairly straight forward, albeit quite time-consuming at the present time.  However, it seems very hard to undo mistakes, other than to delete the mistakes and start again.  Also, the fact that the groups and sub-groups are set like this does not allow for much change in the firm's organization.
      • Drag-n-drop-groups:  This actually ties a bit with the suggestion listed above about changing of parent and child-groups.  We would like to be able to click on a specifc group (whether parent or child) and move it up or down to another parent or another child-group.  This would make the process of editing groups much more user-friendly & kind of fun as well.

      I understand that the above is not a small request.  Yet, I hope that you can agree that these features are needed in Orion.  If so, please share your thoughts as well, and thus, help these come to fruition in the near future.  Many thanks!!!

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          We fully support any type of drag-n-drop in the web console.  Can tell you how magically fantastical that would be :)

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            If we're talking about groups, one thing i would like to see is being able to customize your views based on groups.  That would be really helpful for me.

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              Does anyone in this forum have concerns about the lack of export and import capabilities in Orion regarding the Groups (static and dynamic) and the Dependencies? 

              We have spent a great deal of time setting up quite sophisticated and complex Static and Dynamic Groups as well as Dependencies based on those groups.  We'd hate the thought of having to possibly re-create all of this work, if we had DB problems or someone accidentally (or intentionally) deleted our groups and/or our dependencies.

              I plead with the Orion developers to please, provide us with a feature to export and re-import groups and dependencies. I do not know about the other Orion customers, but we truly need these features. 

              Also, if not too much, it would also be great to add groups, sub-groups and dependencies to the search parameters within the Report Writer applet.  That way, we could setup very nice reports based on these.

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                  you could just export the current contents... or just backup the database.


                  SQL to export:

                  SELECT [Containers].Name, ContainerMemberSnapshots.Name
                    FROM [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[ContainerMemberSnapshots] inner join [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[Containers] on [Containers].ContainerID = [ContainerMemberSnapshots].ContainerID

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                      It is taking quite some time to setup dynamic groups - but worth it!

                      For Info: Each Node in Orion has a 4 character location code, and a 6 character site code.

                      One thing I have found is that I create a group with a dynamic query looking for all nodes with site_code = 123456. fine. All nodes added perfect.

                      Then I create another group (a parent) but just to make sure I catch all - i want the dynamic query on these too. This then looks for all nodes that have this location_code = ABCD.  doesnt seem to work. no nodes show! nor any related groups.

                      So I have had to add the child groups to the parents groups manually - this will take a while we have 600 sites!

                      I think a custom dynamic query would help here, as you cannot select Group as a dynamic query type.

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