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    Port Scanner Crashes

      Anybody seeing crashes for the Port Scanner?  We just upped all our versions (NPM, NCM, APM, Netflow, Toolkit) and the Toolkit 10.6 upgrade was the only one that went sour and messed up stuff--requiring NCM to be re-installed. When we start a scan, any scan it sets up the columns then vanishes--no error messages, nothing.  Only the event log shows what happened.

      Anybody have this experience?

      I really don't want to re-install or repair of the toolkit as this version's installation represents a risk to the server's other production functions.

      Event Type:    Error
      Event Source:    Application Error
      Event Category:    (100)
      Event ID:    1000
      Date:        2/11/2011
      Time:        11:20:24 AM
      User:        N/A
      Faulting application PortScanner.exe, version, faulting module SWPortScanV1.dll, version 2010.2.0.0, fault address 0x0000e943.

      In the meantime I'll go back to NMAP & ZENmap gui

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          Malik Haider

          looks like SWPortScanV1.dll not registered correctly . try to register  this and see if you still have this issue. 

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            It appears that the SwPortScanV1.dll file in Orion is causing a conflict with PortScanner.exe in Toolset. The Orion team indicated to me that this is a legacy file that is no longer used. Unregister it and retry your Toolset Port Scanner. You can unregister it as follows:

            regsvr32 /u "c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SWPortScanV1.dll"

            Note that you may need to change the path if your Orion installation has been installed to a different location.



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                Thanks. That worked perfectly. 

                Sometimes I think we'd be better off uninstalling the previous versions and deleting all the Program Files directories. V9 still wrote some logs to V8 directories. Now I have two Toolkit directories (Toolkit & Engineer's Toolkit) on this install.  Toolkit and NCM had conflicts between versions.

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                    There should be no harm uninstalling previous versions of Toolset before installing a new version rather than upgrading. During uninstall Toolset doesn't delete any files off your system that it didn't put there itself so your existing data files should remain. Of course we always recommend to back up your system before an upgrade action.

                    I am sorry you had trouble during your upgrades with conflicts. This is an area we are always trying to improve.