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    Adding ISP name to Node Down Alerts



      I would like to add ISP name in the node down alerts. We use msend script by BMC Event Manager to send alerts from Orion. Currently the alert we are getting is "Node1 (ip) is down". The support team wants the name of ISP to be added in the alert. Expected alert, Node (ip) ISP is down. I've used the Orion Custom Property Editor to add a custom field ISP in the nodes. Using a notepad and import feature I've updated all the nodes with the ISP name. So what chanegs I need tomake in the event generation and forwading to send this additional field.

      In NPM Service Manager-Alerts-Alert me when a node goes down-Edit-

      Trigger condition-Node status is equal to down

      Trigger actions- Execute program : orion1.cmd "${AlertName}" "${Alert}" "${AlertTriggerCount}" "${NodeName}" "${IP}" "${Status}" "${AlertTriggerTime}" "${Node.PercentLoss}" "${NetObjectName}"

      If possible give me detailed steps as I'm a beginner in Orion.