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    Changing NPM primary server to a polling engine



      Due to a data center move, I now have two Orion NPM 9.5.1 primary servers, NPM1 and NPM2.  I've migrated all of my devices except the routers onto NPM2.  Now I would like to change NPM1 to be an additional poller that polls my routers for Netflow.  I own one NetFlow license and it's installed on NPM2. What is the recommended method to do this?

      Is this the correct method?

      Remove NPM fom NPM1

      Install NPM Polling Engine software on NPM1

      Install NetFlow Traffic Analyzer on NPM1


      I'm unclear as to how the NetFlow license works with additional polling engines.  I've licensed on my primary server.  And all of my routers are configured to send Netflow data to my polling engine.  Will I need to purchase another Netflow license to install on my additional polling engine or  can I install Netflow on multiple polling engines since the primary Orion server is licensed?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Malik Haider


          You can install Netflow on both primary and additional having the same license. No additional licenses required 

           Download Netflow from customer portal and install on additional poller will not ask the license since it will sense its and additional poller.  Once Netflow service will up and running you can change the destination for your core Cisco router to send Netflow to additional poller . 

          any question feel free to contact.