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    Importing custom properties for previously existing nodes in NCM


      Hi Folks,

      so the titlte says it all really. Let me set the scene. I have all the same devices in my NPM database as I do in my NCM database. My NPM nodes have a huge array of custom properties stored against but my NCM nodes would only have a small number these custom properties. Occassionally I am required to move a custom property to the NCM nodes as well.

      At the moment for pre-existing NCM nodes if I want to bring one of the custom properties from NPM over to NCM for 1 or multiple devices I have to bring the CP's over manually as simply mapping the the custom properties and running the node import job doesn't do this. I have found a way of using Excel to build a custom SQL query that saves me from entering the data into each cell individually but it's still an absolute pain. ( If you want to know how I can post documentation)

      What I'm asking for is the option to have the node import job update custom property info from NPM each time it runs. At the moment if I update the CuProp mappings in the node import job it will only import new CuProp details from 'new' devices, not pre-existing nodes. If there was an option to enable or disable this feature it would be great.